CaJohn's Black Mamba Hot Sauce



2 ounce glass bottle


Chili peppers
Chocolate Habaneros

Where It's Made

It's got an acid like bite and and the standard strength that you'd expect from any of the products in THSC's 'Extra-Hot' hot sauce category. That, coupled with an equally potent name and image creates a product that, at least from its marketing, is fairly intimidating (and is even more intimidating once you try it).

CaJohn's Black Mamba Hot Sauce derives its heat and flavour from Chocolate Habaneros (comparable in Scoville Units to the Red Savina!) and various spice extracts to give it that black mamba aggression.
Because this hot sauce is primarily made up of just the aforementioned peppers/extracts and vinegar, the taste is quite refined with habanero flavours largely dominating. It's this simple taste, combined with a smooth, even consistency (something not often found in hot sauces) and a RAGING HEAT* that keeps Black Mamba Hot Sauce fans coming back (if they survive)* It's seriously hot. SERIOUSLY. CaJohn's claims Black Mamba is around 2.5 Million Scoville!

THSC Warning: This product is extremely hot. THSC can accept no responsibility for illness or injury caused from consuming this sauce.

Chocolate Habaneros, Vinegar , Capsaicin, Spices

Why THSC Loves This
While this hot sauce is definitely not for the faint-hearted, heat lovers will love its scorching heat blast complemented by smooth, chocolatey notes. 

Feature List
Extra hot hot sauce. Chocolate Habaneros.

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