How to Buy Hot Sauce

What draws you to hot sauce? Perhaps you're an addict (like us), or looking to purchase for a loved one, or maybe you're just searching for a little more structure behind how your purchase this supreme condiment. If it's the latter two, then you're probably wanting to read a little more about how we suggest doing it.
Here at The Hot Sauce Club we divide our products into three categories: Award-Winning, Boutique and Extra-Hot (and a very special new category launching very soon - more on that later). These categories attract slightly different types of hot sauce fans so be sure to have a read over the profiles and see what works best for you.
Here’s how we think you should buy hot sauce:

1) Award-Winning Hot Sauce

You buy hot sauce from this category for one of two reasons:
Firstly, you're new to the hot sauce world and want something that's already been approved for you. Hot sauces in this category have been voted up at coveted international events like the Scovie Awards.
Alternatively, you’re a hot sauce fan who has been around the block and knows what’s what. You buy hot sauce from this category because you know a good thing when you taste it, and damn are the hot sauces in this category good!

2) Boutique Hot Sauce

This is the heart and soul of THSC and why Henri and Justin set the site up. You buy hot sauce in this category because you love the little hot sauce producers - their passion, their story, their attention to detail, and above all, their tasty backyard concoctions.
These are the hot sauces you certainly can’t find at the local store, they’re home-grown gems with big futures ahead of them.
You’ll find some great hot sauces here. Divergent ingredients and sensational sizzlers from all over the USA, and soon to be the world.

3) Extra-Hot Hot Sauce

All roads lead to Rome and we’d argue that the yellow brick road of hot sauce fandom eventually spits you out right here: in the realm of Extra-Hot Hot Sauces.
You buy hot sauce from this category because you live for that next big spicy hit - the sensation, the invigoration, the sweaty brow and clear sinuses. It’s the 4th dimension of food consumption. This is what is is to love and buy hot sauce from this category.
If you’re familiar with the extra-hot realm then you’ll be familiar with the Scoville Scale - an international heat index that rates sauces on their relative level of heat. For those of you looking to buy hot sauce from this category for family or friends - be sure to pay close attention to this scale and not pass on a hot sauce that may be ‘too much’. You’ve been warned.

Happy hunting hot sauce fans.


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