Dave's Gourmet Temporary Insanity Hot Sauce


Why THSC Loves This
  • A classic Dave's Gourmet extreme hot sauce that delivers searing heat at 57,000 Scoville Heat Units (Tabasco is 2,500-5,000 SHU)
  • Great accompaniment to Mexican cuisine, white meats, soups or stews. Use one drop at a time only!


5 ounce bottle


Where It's Made

If you want your hot sauce to knock your socks off with heat then this will certainly do it for you. Pepper extract gives this sauce a turbo boost so use one drop at a time! Great if you want to add some serious heat to your soup or stews, use it sparingly!


Tomato sauce, onions, hot peppers, hot pepper extract, vinegar, spices, soy oil, garlic and salt

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