The Year of Hot Sauce: 2014 May 01 2014

For those interested in some intellectual discussion around our most favoured of condiments, THSC thought it would do a little market brief on the state of hot sauce in 2014.

If you've been studying hot sauce market trends (of course you have), you would have probably noticed the particularly interesting graph that online news outlet Quartz published earlier this year (below) indicating the phenomenal growth of hot sauce compared to 'classic' condiments in the US since 2000 - basically spicy sauce has grown more than ketchup, mayo, mustard and BBQ combined.

Riding on a wave of multiculturalism and hence the spread of people with a passion for spice, hot sauce has extended its fiery love-hold throughout not just the USA but the rest of the world. Young and old, no matter the culture, are being more adventurous with what they eat. That translates to giving spice a "fair go" as our Australian friends would say. And we all know that once you start eating hot sauce, there's no turning back.

This surge in interest has also been great for the variety of hot sauces on offer. Gone are the days of Tabasco and Cholula dominating the centre of your local eatery's table. Boutique manufacturers from all walks of life are popping up and bringing their own fresh ingredients and interpretations on how best to serve spicy condiments to the world.

In many ways, it's a culinary renaissance. The Golden Age of Spice has dawned friends - see some examples in our store! 

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To All Those Aspiring to Hot Sauce Manufacturing Greatness.... May 01 2014

Get Your Home-Grown Sauce Out There!

We're pretty new to the Twitter game, having only established our nest (terrible pun intended) about a week or two ago. Since doing so though, we've discovered how great this platform is for communicating with the wide world of startup hot sauce and chili enthusiasts. The further we look, the more people and small businesses we find who are every bit as obsessed with this most supreme of condiments as we are.

Cue the purpose of this post - we've been contacted by a lot of smaller hot sauce manufacturers asking us whether it would be possible to feature their sauce in our monthly club. Well, the answer is a) very possibly and b) we may be able to do one better.

As you've obviously worked out from visiting our 'Library', THSC now sells not only subscriptions to our monthly club but hot sauces direct for sale as well. We're considering using this store to spread the love for independent, small hot sauce manufactures. To further promote your good work, we may also knock up a review on your delectable spicy condiment for our blog.

Think your brand's got what we're after? Drop us an email to and we'll get chatting.

Let it Burn friends,


THSC Review: Anand Bhatt Blazin' Naga Jolokia Pepper Sauce March 26 2014

The story of Indian-American rockstar Anand Bhatt goes as follows: firstly, yes he actually is a recognised rockstar and two, he really likes his hot sauce. The idea to create his own brand arose whilst on tour, suffering from the throes of poorly cooked 'road' food. Time and time again he lamented that he needed something to bring to life the incredibly bland chow he was often served.

And so Anand began his quest to create just the right hot sauce for his American tours. He called upon spice experts from Texas and Costa Rica (two very important locations in the world of hot sauce creation as THSC fans will know) and devised a concoction that used only natural ingredients with no extracts. The end result is quite sweet on the palate but full of heat that sits on the tongue for a while before eventually fading. 

We applaud any product that attempts to keep ingredients as natural as possible and the end result is a more well developed flavour, uncorrupted by extracts or artificial fillers. Well worth a try in our opinion. If you're new to the heat game though watch out, this one will get ya!

Grab a bottle here!

THSC Review - Dave's Gourmet Insanity Sauce February 03 2014

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When THSC experts sat down to consider what hot-sauce we should consider launching our monthly club in Australia with, tempers flared. After all, hot sauce is one step short of a religion for all those associated with THSC.

Later, when cooler heads prevailed (figuratively speaking) a logical decision seemed to be to choose a hot sauce from Dave's Gourmet Speciality Foods range. Revellers of hot sauce internationally will be familiar with Dave's strong and respected presence in the world of spicy condiments - not only is their range now well developed from its humble beginnings in a Maryland burrito restaurant but their Insanity sauce (the one we're reviewing this month) was also once famously banned from New Mexico's Fiery Food Festival for being too hot!

Whilst most reviews you'll find online about this delightful concoction tend to regale people with painful first time encounters, we believe THSC fans and experts can: a) handle their heat and b) appreciate the subtle flavours an internationally acclaimed hot sauce like this becomes known in our community for.

We enjoy Dave's Gourmet Insanity Sauce for its well balanced fruity and savoury notes, combined with a strong, pleasurable heat that develops on the palate for well in excess of 5 minutes. You can taste the vinegar but it's not overpowering - similar in consistency to that which you find in Tabasco. Some of our experts also believe this sauce has a slightly smokey flavour to it.

Add it to soups and pastas for a bit of extra flavour and excitement or use as a dipping sauce for fries or other snacks - BE WARNED THOUGH (for all beginner and intermediate fans): one small dip can still pack a big punch! Use very sparingly if this is your first HOT sauce rodeo.

Grab a bottle now here!

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Introducing The Hot Sauce Club's 'Library' January 30 2014

Welcome to THSC's Store - your one stop shop for purchasing our favourite sauces.

Thanks to huge demand from THSC fans, you can now buy not only our famous monthly hot sauce subscription packages, but also select sauces that receive either the highest positive feedback from our community and/or rave reviews from our hot sauce experts.

How Does It Work? 

The Library will feature sauces which: 

a) get the best reviews from our monthly subscribers and/or b) our experts believe deserve special attention. Depending on the hot sauce's popularity, we may feature it either for a limited time or permanently.

What Sort of Sauces Can We Expect? 

Two promises: critically-acclaimed/peer-praised AND boutique. This isn't your run of the mill hot sauce store. THSC's Hot Sauce Library is for people who want the highest quality, speciality hot sauces (ie. not those you can find at your local supermarket).

What's The First Hot Sauce To Be Featured? 

We're keeping it lean and mean - starting with a personal favourite of THSC (and also incidentally the hot sauce that we launched our monthly club with in Australia) - Dave's Gourmet Insanity Sauce. Find it featured in the store this month.

What's Next? 

With the addition of every new sauce comes a new blog post from our experts on what's been added and why. Be sure to subscribe to the blog in order to get the latest and greatest on hot sauces receiving high-praise from our experts and THSC fans.

Get Involved! 

Are you a fan or manufacturer?Got a hot sauce you want to tell the world about? Shoot an email to us at and tell us all about your favourite sauce and why it should be featured on our blog - if you're convincing enough we may just write a post on it, or even feature it on our store!

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