The Best Monthly Hot Sauce Club Memberships February 13 2015

If you're a die hard hot sauce fan, then you're well aware of the best monthly hot sauce club memberships and packages you can find online. At the least, you have a basic understanding how the entire process works, right? Face it, there's a LOT of awesome hot sauce around the world. And that's one of the perks about joining a hot sauce club or hot sauce monthly membership, we'll talk about that more a little later.

So, what's so special about joining a hot sauce club? What are the benefits? You're right, I know it's obvious, the answer that is. "Hot Sauce" of course and lots of it. Take The Hot Sauce Club for example. THSC is one of the fastest growing hot sauce communities in the world. THSC Facebook community is over 20,000 members alone. It's one of the most liked hot sauce pages in the world. 

Enough said, let's talk about what is being deemed as the best monthly hot sauce club memberships. The Hot Sauce Club offers 3 different hot sauce club memberships, each with its own unique benefits and perks. Our monthly hot sauce club membership allows you to pay on a monthly basis, only $25.00 a month. With this package, you get 2 award-winning hot sauces delivered to your door each month. And well worth every penny.

The second monthly hot sauce club membership that THSC offers is the 3 month hot sauce club membership, which covers you for a full 90 days. With the 3 month hot sauce club membership, you'll get 6 award-winning hot sauces delivered straight to your home. The cost is only $67.50 for 90 days access.

Our most popular membership package is our 6 month hot sauce club package. Why is it the most popular? Likely, it's due to the value and perks. With our 6 month membership, you get 12 hot sauces delivered, all hot sauces are award-winning. You only pay $114.00! 12 hot sauces, 180 day access and so much more.

THSC monthly club members get a lot of value just for their membership, but that isn't all. All of our hot sauce club members get exclusive discounts on ALL of our hot sauces and products. Your membership is exclusive, you become part of our email list where you'll receive special benefits and promotions also. We also have special contest, drawings, prizes and much more for all paid members. 

With a community and club that numbers in the tens of thousands, there's a reason why The Hot Sauce Club is deemed the top provider of the best monthly hot sauce club memberships in the world. And as we continue to quickly grow, we'll be adding more value, benefits and memberships. If you have any questions on our hot sauce club memberships or anything else associated with THSC, you're always welcome to contact us