Hot Sauce Forums At The Hot Sauce Club December 22 2014

Hot Sauce Forums Are Live! Join Us Today For Free!


One of the biggest goals when The Hot Sauce Club was formed was to create one of the best hot sauce communities the world has ever seen. I'm not referring to design, but rather a community where all of those who have a passion for hot sauce and hot peppers could have a voice. Our hot sauce forums was another goal and we're proud to announce the launch of The Hot Sauce Club's hot sauce forums!

We truly hope all of you will take this invitation and create your profile. Our hot sauce forums are absolutely free. We're still in the process of building more categories and adding more features to the forums. Any of you that know Justin and Henri know that we're all about hearing what you have to say. Once again, we're looking to our hot sauce club fans to give us suggestions.

Here's a few things that we'd like to know;

  • What type of features would you like to see on the forums?
  • If you could choose a specific forum category, what would it be?
  • What's the biggest factor for you when joining a forum?
  • If you liked a specific community, would you tell a friend?
  • What is your main purpose when joining a community?

Feel free to answer one or answer them all! Please send your answers to  Please keep in mind, we want you to be honest with you. We're one-hundred percent truthful when we say that your voice is the only voice that matters. If you'd rather say suggest something else, feel free to do so. Our doors are always open if you have any questions.