THSC Review: Dave's Adjustable Heat Hot Sauce August 30 2014

With technology changing the way we do everything from book cabs to order groceries, it should come as no surprise that our delightful hot sauce industry might also take on some changes when the right people get thinking - introducing you to Dave's Adjustable Heat Hot Sauce.

Now, the truth is, this amazing piece of condiment technology has been around since 2005, but THSC hasn't so that's why we're writing about it now. We've also noticed that not enough people have seen this ingenious idea so it's time to push it out there a bit more for the wild world to see.

One of the reasons we like this hot sauce so much is because we all know how much it sucks to be looking at your freshly cooked meal, tipping your favourite bottle of hot sauce ever so carefully to get just the right amount of sauce on just the right part of food, and then...BAM! It all comes flying out, spilling your precious supply and even drowning your favourite meal (we're all for using as much sauce as possible, but let's be honest, there's a limit, particularly with some of THSC 'Extra-Hot' numbers). 

This bottle is the solution. The innovative spray pack enables you to evenly distribute delicious spicy sauce across your food, all at a heat level of your choosing (it's as simple as turning the top and choosing anywhere between 'Warm' or 'Extra Hot'). The mechanics behind this great idea are also quite simple actually - the spray pack mixes the appropriate amount of spice from the bottle's two compartments depending on what heat level you have selected. It's just another splendid invention from those swell folks over at Dave's Speciality Foods which you may already know we're massive fans of (you can read our review of Dave's Insanity Sauce here).

Great as a gift, handbag mace (just kidding, maybe) or as the 'go to' hot sauce in your cupboard for indecisive nights. Grab a bottle here.

Enjoy amigos and let it burn!