THSC Review - Dave's Gourmet Insanity Sauce February 03 2014

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When THSC experts sat down to consider what hot-sauce we should consider launching our monthly club in Australia with, tempers flared. After all, hot sauce is one step short of a religion for all those associated with THSC.

Later, when cooler heads prevailed (figuratively speaking) a logical decision seemed to be to choose a hot sauce from Dave's Gourmet Speciality Foods range. Revellers of hot sauce internationally will be familiar with Dave's strong and respected presence in the world of spicy condiments - not only is their range now well developed from its humble beginnings in a Maryland burrito restaurant but their Insanity sauce (the one we're reviewing this month) was also once famously banned from New Mexico's Fiery Food Festival for being too hot!

Whilst most reviews you'll find online about this delightful concoction tend to regale people with painful first time encounters, we believe THSC fans and experts can: a) handle their heat and b) appreciate the subtle flavours an internationally acclaimed hot sauce like this becomes known in our community for.

We enjoy Dave's Gourmet Insanity Sauce for its well balanced fruity and savoury notes, combined with a strong, pleasurable heat that develops on the palate for well in excess of 5 minutes. You can taste the vinegar but it's not overpowering - similar in consistency to that which you find in Tabasco. Some of our experts also believe this sauce has a slightly smokey flavour to it.

Add it to soups and pastas for a bit of extra flavour and excitement or use as a dipping sauce for fries or other snacks - BE WARNED THOUGH (for all beginner and intermediate fans): one small dip can still pack a big punch! Use very sparingly if this is your first HOT sauce rodeo.

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Till next time friends,

Let it Burn!