5 Great Hot Sauce Gifts December 16 2014

If there’s one thing better than eating hot sauce, it’s gifting it. Share the pleasure, taste and fun with your family and friends who love all that there is to love about hot sauce or introduce them to a great new experience. Either way, giving the gift of hot sauce is cost effective, enjoyable and often very different than that standard pair of socks or bottle of wine. In this post, we take you through a few of our current favorites and site best sellers.


1. Mad Dog 357 

This isn’t a toy. Mad Dog 357 is a seriously hot hot sauce and will impress that nearest and dearest hot head in your life. This number is a serious three pepper concoction including no less than the world’s hottest chili, the bhut jolokia -  a nasty little number which hails from the spice lands of the Indian subcontinent. Rolling in at a whopping 6 million Scoville Units, this bad boy is one to be reckoned with. If your lover, buddy or colleague likes to play with fire, this literally is the best hot sauce gift.

2. Palo Alto Firefighter’s XX Habanero Pepper Hot Sauce

One of the cool things about an original gift is its backstory. Palo Alto Firefighter’s XX Habanero Pepper Hot Sauce has exactly that, having originated, you guessed it, from the backyard of a local Palo Alto fire station back in 1994. Outside of the delicious irony of a fireman creating a firey hot sauce stands the charitable side to what these guys do as well. Palo Alto Firefighter’s Charitable Fund donates cash to a range of community activities and even provides college scholarships to local kids. For the fiery philanthropist in your circles, this gift is perfect.

  3. Dave's Gourmet Adjustable Heat Hot Sauce

Anyone who regularly attends the THSC website will probably have seen us bang on about how great Dave's Gourmet Adjustable Heat Hot Sauce is, and the reason for that is simple. It’s downright awesome and a cool hot sauce gift. The concept is fun, quirky and practical - decide on your desired level of spice, twist the spray pump pack and you’re away. Regardless of whether your hot sauce 'giftee' is a spicy chili head or someone taking their first steps into the wonderful land of hot sauce heaven, this number is sure to strike a chord.

4. Musashi Japanese Spicy Mayo Hot Sauce

Man we're getting too excited just writing about this stuff it’s crazy. Why? Because after hot sauce, our next favorite condiment in the whole wild world is mayonnaise. It borders on an addiction, so when the guys from Musashi Japanese Spicy Mayo got in touch we had to pinch ourselves.

Finding a gem like this is a real score and something your special spicy someone will genuinely appreciate. You get the best of creamy mayonnaise with Red Serrano peppers which allows for a moderate level of heat but nothing that will overpower the delicate creamy and sweet texture of the mayo. That lucky someone will be carrying it around in their bag to add to every meal of the day in no time.

  5. Jersey Barnfire Black Garlic Hot Sauce

Not many people understands the marvels of black garlic - it’s sweet, rich and smokey flavor, and the life that it gives to hot sauce. Jersey Barnfire Black Garlic Hot Sauce is a classic boutique number and one not that many hot sauce heads will have seen.

It boasts the normal attributes of a classic boutique hot sauce: carefully selected and locally sourced ingredients with a well charged heat. You’re sure to impress with this one on the taste alone. 


If you'd like to ask us for our recommendation personally, please feel free! We're always happy to chat - hello@thehotsauceclub.com!