The Year of Hot Sauce: 2014 May 01 2014

For those interested in some intellectual discussion around our most favoured of condiments, THSC thought it would do a little market brief on the state of hot sauce in 2014.

If you've been studying hot sauce market trends (of course you have), you would have probably noticed the particularly interesting graph that online news outlet Quartz published earlier this year (below) indicating the phenomenal growth of hot sauce compared to 'classic' condiments in the US since 2000 - basically spicy sauce has grown more than ketchup, mayo, mustard and BBQ combined.

Riding on a wave of multiculturalism and hence the spread of people with a passion for spice, hot sauce has extended its fiery love-hold throughout not just the USA but the rest of the world. Young and old, no matter the culture, are being more adventurous with what they eat. That translates to giving spice a "fair go" as our Australian friends would say. And we all know that once you start eating hot sauce, there's no turning back.

This surge in interest has also been great for the variety of hot sauces on offer. Gone are the days of Tabasco and Cholula dominating the centre of your local eatery's table. Boutique manufacturers from all walks of life are popping up and bringing their own fresh ingredients and interpretations on how best to serve spicy condiments to the world.

In many ways, it's a culinary renaissance. The Golden Age of Spice has dawned friends - see some examples in our store! 

Let It Burn!