To All Those Aspiring to Hot Sauce Manufacturing Greatness.... May 01 2014

Get Your Home-Grown Sauce Out There!

We're pretty new to the Twitter game, having only established our nest (terrible pun intended) about a week or two ago. Since doing so though, we've discovered how great this platform is for communicating with the wide world of startup hot sauce and chili enthusiasts. The further we look, the more people and small businesses we find who are every bit as obsessed with this most supreme of condiments as we are.

Cue the purpose of this post - we've been contacted by a lot of smaller hot sauce manufacturers asking us whether it would be possible to feature their sauce in our monthly club. Well, the answer is a) very possibly and b) we may be able to do one better.

As you've obviously worked out from visiting our 'Library', THSC now sells not only subscriptions to our monthly club but hot sauces direct for sale as well. We're considering using this store to spread the love for independent, small hot sauce manufactures. To further promote your good work, we may also knock up a review on your delectable spicy condiment for our blog.

Think your brand's got what we're after? Drop us an email to and we'll get chatting.

Let it Burn friends,