Introducing The Hot Sauce Club's 'Library' January 30 2014

Welcome to THSC's Store - your one stop shop for purchasing our favourite sauces.

Thanks to huge demand from THSC fans, you can now buy not only our famous monthly hot sauce subscription packages, but also select sauces that receive either the highest positive feedback from our community and/or rave reviews from our hot sauce experts.

How Does It Work? 

The Library will feature sauces which: 

a) get the best reviews from our monthly subscribers and/or b) our experts believe deserve special attention. Depending on the hot sauce's popularity, we may feature it either for a limited time or permanently.

What Sort of Sauces Can We Expect? 

Two promises: critically-acclaimed/peer-praised AND boutique. This isn't your run of the mill hot sauce store. THSC's Hot Sauce Library is for people who want the highest quality, speciality hot sauces (ie. not those you can find at your local supermarket).

What's The First Hot Sauce To Be Featured? 

We're keeping it lean and mean - starting with a personal favourite of THSC (and also incidentally the hot sauce that we launched our monthly club with in Australia) - Dave's Gourmet Insanity Sauce. Find it featured in the store this month.

What's Next? 

With the addition of every new sauce comes a new blog post from our experts on what's been added and why. Be sure to subscribe to the blog in order to get the latest and greatest on hot sauces receiving high-praise from our experts and THSC fans.

Get Involved! 

Are you a fan or manufacturer?Got a hot sauce you want to tell the world about? Shoot an email to us at and tell us all about your favourite sauce and why it should be featured on our blog - if you're convincing enough we may just write a post on it, or even feature it on our store!

Let It Burn!