What We Learnt From YOU, Our Hot Sauce Community! August 30 2014


A few weeks ago we appealed to you, our amazing hot sauce community, for ideas on how we could improve what we do across social media and on our store.

We had an overwhelming response and must thank you all once again for the great feedback you provided - in particular, our competition winners Gary Gassett, Kyle Rugg and Marcus Hender who provided particularly thoughtful comments.

So, what did we learn and what will we be implementing? Well firstly, it's obvious you're all very keen to hear about great recipes involving hot sauce. Ultimately, we'd like to take that further and put up recipes for making your own hot sauce, but one step at a time.

So this summer, expect to see a range of great hot sauce-based recipes on our store. Related to that (and as Gary Gassett mentioned), we'd also like to do a 'pairings' section - that is, what's good to eat with certain hot sauces, because a lot of you said you'd like to see something done around that too.

Some other ideas you mentioned that we're looking to implement in the long run:

- Grow Your Own (how to grow peppers and make your own sauce) [Marcus Hender]

- Roving Reporter (a correspondent who travels the world reporting on great sauces and the cultures attached to them) [Marcus Hender]

- Interviews with the 'mad scientists' blending peppers from all over the world [William Oakley]

- Hot Sauce TV [Brett Cohen - this is actually something we've been thinking about for a while too!]

- Reviews of hot sauce labels/marketing [Andrew Trentacosta]

- Comprehensive profiling of heat, flavour etc [Scott Moell]

- Creative location shots [Jim Talbot]

- Fan of the Week/Hot Sauce of the Week [Kyle Rugg]

Once again, thanks for your help and here's to skyrocketing our community onwards and upwards!

Let it Burn hot sauce fans!