OB's Irie Pepper Sauce and Marinade is BIG on flavour! August 30 2014

Most of our stories regarding boutique producers start by mentioning the ‘husband and son team’ or ‘best friend duo’, or in this case ‘husband and wife’ partnership. Does this make us repetitive? We’d like to think it’s more a case of noticing a dominant trend with boutique sauce making – that it tends to come from small family and friend teams with a real passion for hot sauce, and OB’s Irie Pepper Sauce is no exception!

The South Carolina based couple, Sara and Sean, base their sauce making technique around Sean's family recipe from Trinidad - home of epic hot sauces, or pepper sauces as they are known there aptly named "because we use hot peppers to make a spicy sauce to add on or eat with meals" Sean tells us. The end result of this mixed sauce-making heritage is kind of like the perfect storm – a killer combination of Caribbean and Southern style spicy condiment making. We’re backing it as an award winning combination and we feel you might too.

It's full speed on freshness and flavour with this delectable number, the most valuable players being the zesty lime juice and apple vinegar coupled with a delicious combination of up to seven peppers that the OB's HQ keep under lock and key. It's definitely not a hot number so we're recommending this as a great 'gateway' sauce if you're looking to get a friend, fiancée or family member into the wonderful world of hot sauce. If it's just for you and you're normally an EXTRA HOT hot sauce kinda guy/gal, we also still recommend giving this one a go. What it might perceivably lack in heat it more than makes up for in taste.

Enjoy friends,



Sara shows us the Golden source of sauce.