'Crowdsauced' Boutique Hot Sauce Maker 'Outer Limits Hot Sauce' Now Available at THSC! August 30 2014

There’s been a buzz lately around The Hot Sauce Club’s Headquarters as we review a number of awesome boutique hot sauces for launch through our online store. Today we’re introducing you to our newest edition - Outer Limits Hot Sauce.

These guys are one to look out for and they have a great story behind them. In short, the father and son team decided they would make their hot sauce manufacturing dreams reality by raising the required capital through crowd-funding site Kickstarter.com. They successfully raised over $11 000 through their campaign and the Outer Limits Hot Sauce brand was catapulted into existence. Bravo guys!

Outer Limits Hot Sauce hails from New Jersey and is the work of Ed Martin and his father. As lovers of all things spicy, these two started experimenting with their own homegrown peppers and concocting some awesome hot sauce that shortly became the obsession of family and friends. After some encouragement, they decided to take their passion to an all new level and take on the hot sauce world.

We recently received a couple of bottles at our hot sauce headquarters and have to say this stuff is pretty damn impressive. Outer Limits have two flavours at the moment, Habanero and Jalapeno Lime. Badass labels and marketing aside, the flavour of these two sauces is unique and delicious in our humble opinion.

The Habanero has a dazzling bright red colour to it, which one often comes to expect from hot sauces packing a fair amount of heat. You definitely get the burn of the habanero but it’s not overwhelming and doesn’t linger for too long. Consequently, you’re able to experience the flavour in all its glory - it’s fresh with undertones of garlic.

The Jalapeno Lime is a favourite in my hot sauce collection. It obviously doesn’t have the heat you get from the Habanero but it certainly has the flavour. You can really taste the lime like it’s just been freshly squeezed into the sauce, giving it a nice zing. The consistency is also slightly coarse, built on the great texture of red jalapenos. It’s a really refreshing and versatile sauce that you’ll find yourself carrying around with you to spice up just about anything you eat throughout the day..

Outer Limits is only producing small batches at the moment, so best to order straight away so you don’t miss out. You’ll love the all-natural ingredients, distinct taste and warm afterglow. Keep an eye on these guys because they’re on their way up in the hot sauce world!

Let it burn!