THSC Review: CaJohn's Black Mamba August 30 2014

John Hard is the man behind CaJohn's Fiery Foods and the standard chilli/hot sauce fan that you'd expect to find at the helm of a business preoccupied with all things HOT. In a somewhat ironic turn of fate, his lifelong career before embarking down the road of fiery food manufacturing was as a 'Fire Protection Engineer', which saw him make many trips to the Gulf Coast and Southwest. It was on these trips that he was exposed to, and developed, his love of hot & spicy cooking.

Fast-forward to the creation of Black Mamba and the main thing you need to know is that it's incredibly hot. Some would say devastatingly hot. CaJohn's claims this has a Scoville Unit rating of 2.5 MILLION, which, if you don't know anything about Scoville units is 1) a reason to stay away from it and 2) an indication it'll probably melt your face off. THSC has encountered die-hard HOT sauce fans and experts who claim this sauce is closer to the 1 million Scoville mark but (as you may or may not know) Scoville Units are inherently subjective and are therefore always up for interpretation. All the same, we wouldn't recommend you test it to prove big John Hard wrong because chances are he'll have the last laugh.

Think you can handle the heat? THSC is currently stocking this venomous hot sauce. God speed.