THSC Review: Anand Bhatt Blazin' Naga Jolokia Pepper Sauce March 26 2014

The story of Indian-American rockstar Anand Bhatt goes as follows: firstly, yes he actually is a recognised rockstar and two, he really likes his hot sauce. The idea to create his own brand arose whilst on tour, suffering from the throes of poorly cooked 'road' food. Time and time again he lamented that he needed something to bring to life the incredibly bland chow he was often served.

And so Anand began his quest to create just the right hot sauce for his American tours. He called upon spice experts from Texas and Costa Rica (two very important locations in the world of hot sauce creation as THSC fans will know) and devised a concoction that used only natural ingredients with no extracts. The end result is quite sweet on the palate but full of heat that sits on the tongue for a while before eventually fading. 

We applaud any product that attempts to keep ingredients as natural as possible and the end result is a more well developed flavour, uncorrupted by extracts or artificial fillers. Well worth a try in our opinion. If you're new to the heat game though watch out, this one will get ya!

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