Hot Sauce Club Memberships April 27 2015

Thanks for your interest in our hot sauce club memberships. First, welcome to The Hot Sauce Club, your top online source for direct access to the best hot sauces from around the world. We hold a high honor finding the best hot sauces from the darkest corners of the earth, bringing you the best hot sauces every month. 

EVERY hot sauce that is considered to become part of our online store is tested. We don't take anyone's word for it. No offense. We enjoy giving our own hot sauce reviews and know that our hot sauce club members appreciate that very fact. From extra hot hot sauce to award winning and boutique hot sauces, we give our members a wide range of hot sauces to choose from.

If you're looking for a great gift to give to your special man or you're a hot sauce fanatic, all of our hot sauce club members can find great value in our hot sauce club memberships. We have 3 different membership levels and each one includes hot sauce delivered to your door. Our team of hot sauce experts spend countless hours each day to find unique and sometimes unknown hot sauces for you to enjoy. 

Over the years, we've tested thousands of different hot sauces and we found out early on that many people enjoy hot sauces from small operations, small creations. Some of the world's best hot sauces are still unknown by a wide audience. We made it our mission to hand deliver these hot sauces to you by giving you worldly hot sauces in one location, here at The Hot Sauce Club.

The Hot Sauce Club has 3 different membership levels for you to join.

3 Month Hot Sauce Club Membership

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Pay As You Go Hot Sauce Club Membrships

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions about our monthly and pay-as-you-go memberships, please feel free to contact us immediately.m

The Best Monthly Hot Sauce Club Memberships February 13 2015

If you're a die hard hot sauce fan, then you're well aware of the best monthly hot sauce club memberships and packages you can find online. At the least, you have a basic understanding how the entire process works, right? Face it, there's a LOT of awesome hot sauce around the world. And that's one of the perks about joining a hot sauce club or hot sauce monthly membership, we'll talk about that more a little later.

So, what's so special about joining a hot sauce club? What are the benefits? You're right, I know it's obvious, the answer that is. "Hot Sauce" of course and lots of it. Take The Hot Sauce Club for example. THSC is one of the fastest growing hot sauce communities in the world. THSC Facebook community is over 20,000 members alone. It's one of the most liked hot sauce pages in the world. 

Enough said, let's talk about what is being deemed as the best monthly hot sauce club memberships. The Hot Sauce Club offers 3 different hot sauce club memberships, each with its own unique benefits and perks. Our monthly hot sauce club membership allows you to pay on a monthly basis, only $25.00 a month. With this package, you get 2 award-winning hot sauces delivered to your door each month. And well worth every penny.

The second monthly hot sauce club membership that THSC offers is the 3 month hot sauce club membership, which covers you for a full 90 days. With the 3 month hot sauce club membership, you'll get 6 award-winning hot sauces delivered straight to your home. The cost is only $67.50 for 90 days access.

Our most popular membership package is our 6 month hot sauce club package. Why is it the most popular? Likely, it's due to the value and perks. With our 6 month membership, you get 12 hot sauces delivered, all hot sauces are award-winning. You only pay $114.00! 12 hot sauces, 180 day access and so much more.

THSC monthly club members get a lot of value just for their membership, but that isn't all. All of our hot sauce club members get exclusive discounts on ALL of our hot sauces and products. Your membership is exclusive, you become part of our email list where you'll receive special benefits and promotions also. We also have special contest, drawings, prizes and much more for all paid members. 

With a community and club that numbers in the tens of thousands, there's a reason why The Hot Sauce Club is deemed the top provider of the best monthly hot sauce club memberships in the world. And as we continue to quickly grow, we'll be adding more value, benefits and memberships. If you have any questions on our hot sauce club memberships or anything else associated with THSC, you're always welcome to contact us


10 Fun Hot Sauce Facts. January 25 2015

When it comes to hot sauce lovers, you get two kinds of people: occasional users and hardcore, die-hard fans. The die-hard fans travel from state to state, attending awards and openings. They have tried and tested every brand and type of hot sauce they can get their hands on, and if you’ve heard of it, they’ve more than likely tasted it. Hot sauce is more than just a condiment-it’s a culture. If you’re still new to the world of hot sauce, here are 10 fun hot sauce facts that you may not know:

1: Introduced commercially to the market in 1868, the Tabasco hot sauce brand set off America’s hot sauce obsession, and is still one of the leading hot sauces today.

2: Ever wondered why hot sauce is so addictive? Eating chilis and hot sauce causes your body to release endorphins (the brain’s ‘feel good’ chemical). This is because capsaicin (the stuff that makes chilis hot) irritates the nose, mouth and stomach. Your body reacts by releasing endorphins, a natural painkiller that your body produces.

3: Even though hot sauce has such an effect on your body, they aren't bad for you, contrary to some beliefs. In fact, chilis are cholesterol free, and loaded with vitamins.

4: A little bit of cool general knowledge: that sweaty reaction you get when indulging in hot sauce is called gustatory perspiration.

5: Drinking milk is the best way to cool down an extra hot burn. This is because a protein in milk (Casein) breaks down the bonds between capsaicin-the stuff that makes hot sauce hot-and the body’s pain receptors.

6: The scoville scale, which measures how hot your hot sauce is, is named after Wilbur Scoville, the man who developed this scale.

7: Mexico grows an incredible 140 varieties of chilies.

8: Looking to lose a few pounds? Hot sauce and chilies can actually curb your carb cravings and sweet tooth.

9: Does size matter? Generally, the smaller the chili, the hotter it is.

10: This may come as no surprise to hot sauce fans: hot sauce can be addictive.

Our favorite condiment is rich in culture, history and interesting facts. A combination of science, food and pleasure. We’re not surprised, though; we at THSC fall into the ‘die hard hot sauce fans’ category!

About Hot Sauce January 25 2015

How does one describe the joy and yet sometimes abject terror at sampling a brand new hot sauce, a fire-brand with Scoville Units by the thousand and bragging rights by the bucket-load. Should one be able to stomach such a condiment? The simple answer is you can’t, well not enough to do the hot sauce in question any justice…

Hot Sauce High!
The time-honored tradition of adding chili (or a hot sauce) to a meal, or even simply using it as a dip for a packet of ‘French Fries’ is one that only ardent spice-mongers will fully appreciate…And boy oh boy it IS good. It has been found that the body builds up a ‘resistance’ to the heat factor dealt out by Mr. Habanero, Dr. Cayenne Pepper and many other types of naturally hot ‘personalities’, to name but a few of our dependable chili-fueled hot sauce allies. The theory states that our bodies release endorphins and enzymes that make the heat more bearable and the hot sauce more palatable. This is no doubt true as it takes some dedicated time before anyone can successfully eat a hot dog, laden with ‘Birds Eye Chili’ and hot sauce. And all without breaking into a panicked sweat, often accompanied by ‘I-want-to-die-from-this-pain’ burns to the tongue and lips and sometimes even awkward hiccuping (No doubt the body’s best defense against a chili attack!).

Why do we constantly search for the hottest and ‘nastiest’ hot sauce out there? Why would we go to such lengths to set our mouths and stomachs alight? This is answered by referring back to our measure of heat, the Scoville Unit: The hotter the sauce, the tastier the Hot Sauce! It boils (pun intended) down to that, and the more heat that is on offer, the more endorphins and ‘feel happy’ enzymes are released into the system. It is no wonder that people become addicted to eating chili and hot sauces in very much the same way that health nuts become hooked on running, gym and exercise. The very same endorphins that are released by the body during a good physical workout are released when one consumes a delicious pasta, curry or even a grilled cheese sandwich bathed in tantalizing chili!

Is Hot Sauce Healthy?
“Isn't eating all that hot sauce bad for you?” I hear you ask. Quite the opposite is also the truth, because chili has many excellent qualities that not only can improve your physical health, but your mental health too. Hot sauce containing chili has been proven to raise body temperature, increases your metabolism and due to its high content of vitamin C and anti-oxidant properties, is thought to reduce the risks of cancer. Hot sauces, by nature of their ability to produce ‘feel-happy’ enzymes, are also are a great natural anti-depressant and all of these aforementioned facts reduce the guilt one might feel in eating a pizza! After all, it is smothered in tasty, healthy chili right!? As crazy as this all sounds, it is however as real as the heat one feels when polishing off that last ‘peri-peri’ burrito…

A Bit of Friendly Competition
Be that as it may, another real other kick one gets from eating hot sauce is the chance to tell your buddies that you did it - that you ate that hot sauce made out of diced Ghost Peppers. There is nothing more manly than eating a scorching chili and not flinching. And for the ladies, there is nothing more satisfying than showing up bravado-driven men by devouring a hot sauce that they wouldn't dare touch…

A History of Hot Sauce January 25 2015

Have you ever wondered who decided that putting chilis and peppers into a bottle with other scrumptious ingredients would make a wonderful addition to all of your favorite foods? Here is a little history lesson about the origins of our favorite condiment: hot sauce!

People have enjoyed chilis for a lot longer than we probably realize, with evidence showing that they have been around for over 100 000 years and were probably some of the earliest plants to be cultivated.  The earliest well-known Western story of chilis being used to make hot sauce, however, dates back to the mid 1800’s, when the first crop of tobasco chilis were grown by Colonel Maunsell White, an upper class Louisiana banker. The first commercial hot sauce was then manufactured and put on the market in 1859 by White, who then generously passed on some of chilis and his hot sauce recipe to a friend, Edmund McIlhenny, who planted the chilis and started to cultivate his own crop. After a few years during the civil war, McIhenny is forced away from his home for 5 years. Amazingly, when he returned, he found his chilli plantation was flourishing, and quickly manufactured and sent out the first batch of hot sauce in 350 using cologne bottles! Within a matter of weeks, orders for his delicious hot sauce flew in, and so the famous hot sauce we all know as “Tabasco” was first patented.

Soon after that, hundreds of manufactures tried their hand at coming up with hot sauces as good as McIhenny’s, but it wasn't until La Victoria brought out their taco and enchilada hot sauces in the early 1940’s that the hot sauce boom really hit the West. David Pace of Pace Foods introduced Picante sauce in 1947 and other notable hot sauces swarmed the market. The hot sauce market branched out and new ingredients started being used, different combinations of chilis, and an obsession with the “hottest” hot sauce ensued. By the early 1990’s, hot sauce started to replace ketchup as America’s condiment of choice, and hot sauce connoisseurs from all over started to enter competitions all over America, one of the most prestigious being the Scovie Awards, where hot sauce not only competes for taste, but for heat too. Hot sauce is now more than just a condiment, but a lifestyle, with hot sauce makers from all over are sharing their delicious, spicy concoctions. Hot sauce lovers wait for the latest, greatest and hottest hot sauces to be made by their favorite brands as well as the new kids on the hot sauce block.

Today, people all across the globe indulge in hot sauces, but it’s safe to say that the USA is still waving the flag of number one hot sauce loving nation. Lets not forget, however, the Asian love for all things hot and spicy-curries in India, mouth watering (and scorching), wasabi, which goes as the perfect complement to traditional sushi dishes . In terms of Western culture, however, it’s no surprise that our favorite condiment has such a great history, and we are eternally grateful to the original hot sauce makers for gifting us with one of America’s greatest food products in modern history.

Hot Sauce Clubs - What's The Benefit? January 22 2015

Hot sauce clubs serve a variety of benefits that favors anyone that has a passion for hot sauce. There's a variety of hot sauce clubs all over the world that offer members the opportunity to connect and engage with others that share the same passions. No other hot sauce club offers more benefits and value to their members than The Hot Sauce Club.

We'll discuss the our hot sauce club memberships in a moment. First, we've recently just launched our hot sauce forums. The purpose of launching the forums was to give you a great platform to exchange ideas, hot sauce, products, recipes and anything else you can think of. At this time, the forums are a work-in-progress but completely functional. So if you haven't had time to sign up and join us, you can sign up here.

One of the best things about THSC is the fact that we inspect all hot sauces personally. You won't find two better hot sauce enthusiast than Justin and Henri. This is how we ensure that you only get high quality hot sauces delivered to your door. We don't just take on any hot sauce vendor, it has to pass our personal inspection or we decline. This is to protect our name and reputation. 

Although this is true, we're always open to adding new hot sauces to The Hot Sauce Club. We know and understand how tough it can be as a new or unknown hot sauce producer. Our platform is here to help. We have several advertising and hosting options to help your hot sauce reach your potential market. If you're a new hot sauce vendor or want to learn more about what we can do for your hot sauce business, be sure to contact THSC today.

Hot Sauce Club Benefits

Now, what about the benefits of our hot sauce club? The Hot Sauce Club offers 3 memberships at this time. We offer a monthly membership, 3 month membership and a 6 month membership. This gives you plenty of variety and choices. And if anyone doesn't want to join our hot sauce club, you still can by hot sauce individually at great prices. We just give our club members more value for their money.

The Hot Sauce Club has several awesome things planned for the hot sauce club and all our members, so be sure to stay tuned. And always, if you have ideas, suggestions or need anything, you can always reach us at




5 Tips for Growing Hot Peppers. January 15 2015

If you’re an avid gardener and a hot sauce fan, why not try your hand (or green fingers) at growing hot peppers. Depending on your tastes and your heat tolerance, different types of hot peppers have the same requirements in order to grow and flourish. You can even choose to grow multiple peppers at the same time for a bit of variety, and use them to give making your own hot sauce a try. Hot peppers are fairly easy to grow, but make sure you make use of the following five important tips in order for your peppers to grow successfully.

  1. Hot pepper plants grow best in warm, sunny environments. If you live in a cool climate,wait until the winter months are over. Hot peppers will not thrive if they are grown in cold conditions.

  2. In terms of planting soil, hot peppers grow better in moist soil. Even though hot peppers thrive in warm weather, making sure that they get plenty of water and that soil is moist-especially in hot and dry Summer months.

  3. Add plenty of mulch around the hot pepper plants to deter weeds and to retain the moisture of the planting soil. This is where it gets a little more complicated; once the hot peppers begin to develop, switch to a fertilizer that contains higher levels of Potassium and Phosphorous. Go to your nearest nursery or garden centre and get the best advice regarding this fertilizer. Additionally, using a fertilizer that is too high in nitrogen is a common mistake, and will result in a lovely green, healthy plant, but it will bear very few peppers.

  4. Be patient-some peppers take up to 6 weeks to germinate, while others as fast as a week. It’s always a good idea to plant quite a few hot pepper seeds, because as with any living being (yes-plants are alive!), some plants will thrive, while others won’t.

  5. Be sure to cultivate your hot pepper plants. As with most plants, as the pepper plants grow, prune them by snipping at the weaker leaves and leaving the healthy ones.

Once your hot peppers are all grown up, not only will you feel the bursting pride of successful growing and cultivating gorgeous, flourishing plants, as most gardeners do, but the fun begins and you can have a go at experimenting with hot sauce recipes using your freshly grown hot peppers. Depending on how many different types you have grown, you can experiment with combining peppers, pushing heat limits and giving your hot sauces to your friends to try out. Who knows-you may just have a winning recipe that will result in high demand-and if not, you can give yourself a pat on the back for successfully growing delicious hot peppers.

The Scoville Scale January 14 2015

Most hot sauce fans have heard of the Scoville Scale, and they know that the higher the score on the scale, the hotter the hot sauce or pepper. Most, however, aren’t too sure as to what the Scoville Scale actually is, or what its origins are. What makes hot sauce and its main ingredient-chilis/peppers so great is the variation it gives us in terms of heat and flavour. Because there are so many different peppers and variations, hot sauces and the peppers that are used to make them are measured by Scoville scale. The hotter the pepper, the higher the number of Scoville units it possesses.

The Scoville heat scale was developed by Wilbur Lincoln Scoville, a pharmacist, whose method was created by adding capsaicin oil (the stuff that makes peppers hot), to sugar water, and  giving it to a group of tasters-adjusting the amount of capsaicin oil more and more. With so many peppers in existence, of such a large variety of heat, the Scoville Scale is widely used to measure heat and provides hot sauce lovers with an idea of which hot sauce to go for, depending on how much heat they can take.

The heat factor of peppers is measured in multiples of 100 units. The Scoville Scale ranges from zero units for the sweet bell pepper, to the Naga Jolokia (Ghost Pepper), which rates at over a million Scoville units. Over the last few years, however, there are claims of peppers that have now passed the Ghost Pepper as the hottest in the world. In 2010, a pepper, called the Naga Viper, rated at over 1.3 million Scoville units was introduced. Then came what is now called the hottest pepper-so hot it has landed itself in the Guinness book of records. The pepper, called the Carolina Reaper, was created by Ed Currie- founder of the PuckerButt Pepper Company.  This monster pepper peaked at levels of 2.2 million Scoville units. According to Ed, he came across certain nutrients that increase the heat of peppers! So, if you are daring enough, and want a real thrill-give one of PuckerButt’s Hot Sauce that contains this insanely hot pepper.

So now that you have a greater understanding of the Scoville rating, you may just have even more love for your favorite hot sauces, and a better idea of what your hot sauce preferences would be. All we can say is-if it comes with a warning label, you better be prepared for some pain!

The Top 5 Hottest Peppers. January 11 2015

If you’re a hot sauce lover, you’re automatically a chili lover too. Because what would hot sauce be without chili peppers? Sauce! So if you’re a hot sauce fan you may find it interesting to find out what the top 10 hottest chili peppers are, so that when you look into hot sauces to try out, you know exactly what to expect based on the chili peppers that they contain. Lets have a look at the top 10 hottest chili peppers.

1: The Carolina Reaper

At the number one hottest spot, is the Carolina Reaper. In 2013, it overtook the previous number one hottest chili pepper, the Moruga Scorpion, and made its way into the Guiness Book of Records at an astonishing 2.2 million Scoville heat units. Created by Ed Currie, founder of the Puckerbutt Pepper Comapany, this chili pepper is not for the faint hearted-however, if you think you can handle it and are considering giving it a go, you can expect the obvious scorching heat, but a suprisingly sweet flavor.

2. Moruga Scorpion

Coming in at a close second is the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Pepper. Measuring at around 2 million Scoville heat units, the Moruga scorpion was originally named number one hottest chili pepper-that is, until the Carolina Reaper graced us with its presence. Neverthelesss, this chili pepper is NOT fr the faint hearted, and you can expect hiccups, red faces and watering eyes and noses.

3. 7 Pot Douglah

Number 3 hottest chili pepper, the 7 Pot Douglah is best known for being one of the hottest peppers while still managing to produce a delicious flavor. To illustrate just how hot it is;  in Trinidad, where it grows, it is used in military grade tear gas!

4. Trinidad Scorpion Butch T

Measuring in at nearly 1.5 million Scoville Heat units, this pepper used to be the  Guiness world record holder before the top three came into recognition. While it is no longer the hottest, it will still no doubt, blow you away.

5. Naga Viper

Finally, at number five on the list, is the extremely rare Naga Viper pepper, which is grown and cultivated in the UK. Measuring at 1.3 million scoville heat units, this pepper is a cross pollinated hybrid of the Naga Morich, Ghost Pepper and the Trinidad Scorpion. That’s 3 mind blowingly hot peppers all in one. However, because of the unpredictable results of cross pollination f this pepper, it is very rare and not easy to find.

Contact Or Connect With The Hot Sauce Club January 01 2015

Thanks for your interest to contact and connect with The Hot Sauce Club. We're always interested in your comments, suggestions and questions. If you need to reach us, contact us via email at

Looking to follow The Hot Sauce Club and keep up-to-date with hot sauce news, resources and new products? Connect with THSC below.






Hot Sauce Forums At The Hot Sauce Club December 22 2014

Hot Sauce Forums Are Live! Join Us Today For Free!


One of the biggest goals when The Hot Sauce Club was formed was to create one of the best hot sauce communities the world has ever seen. I'm not referring to design, but rather a community where all of those who have a passion for hot sauce and hot peppers could have a voice. Our hot sauce forums was another goal and we're proud to announce the launch of The Hot Sauce Club's hot sauce forums!

We truly hope all of you will take this invitation and create your profile. Our hot sauce forums are absolutely free. We're still in the process of building more categories and adding more features to the forums. Any of you that know Justin and Henri know that we're all about hearing what you have to say. Once again, we're looking to our hot sauce club fans to give us suggestions.

Here's a few things that we'd like to know;

  • What type of features would you like to see on the forums?
  • If you could choose a specific forum category, what would it be?
  • What's the biggest factor for you when joining a forum?
  • If you liked a specific community, would you tell a friend?
  • What is your main purpose when joining a community?

Feel free to answer one or answer them all! Please send your answers to  Please keep in mind, we want you to be honest with you. We're one-hundred percent truthful when we say that your voice is the only voice that matters. If you'd rather say suggest something else, feel free to do so. Our doors are always open if you have any questions. 


Looking For A Great Holiday Gift For That Special Person? Hot Sauce It Is! December 17 2014


Welcome to The Hot Sauce Club, Happy Holidays and we're so glad that you chose to spend a little time with us. We're officially 8 days away from Christmas, wow! Where did the year go? 2015 is just around the corner and if you haven't noticed, we're all about Hot Sauce. And why not? Hot sauce makes for a great gift. It doesn't matter if it's the holidays, a birthday, or just to say "I Love You," There's a lot of people out there that appreciates a great hot sauce, I know I do. And the best part? Hot sauce is an inexpensive gift. Plus, you have the opportunity to have some of the best hot sauces right at your fingertips!

Here at The Hot Sauce Club, we have a variety of hot sauces for you to enjoy. And if you're looking for the ultimate hot sauce gift, how about our monthly hot sauce club? We have three hot sauce membership packages that have great value. The Hot Sauce Club has 3 different memberships, (1) month, (3) months and (6) months. Each monthly subscription to The Hot Sauce Club includes award-winning hot sauce delivered straight to your door. No need to go anywhere, we have you covered. All subscriptions include free shipping, no commitments either.

We also have dozens of individual hot sauces for you to enjoy and we're always adding to our collection. Quality is important to our company and every hot sauce that comes through our doors is tested and reviewed. We do want to make sure that you're getting the best hot sauces. That's why we have three main categories for you to choose from. We have award-winning hot sauce, boutique hot sauces and extra hot hot sauce. Yes!


Award Winning Hot Sauces

Boutique Hot Sauces

Extra Hot Sauces


From all of us at The Hot Sauce Club, we want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We want to take this time to thank everyone for all the support, we are deeply humbled by you all. Our goal was to build the largest hot sauce community in the world. While we're not there yet, we're off to a great start. We couldn't be this far without all of you. Thanks for supporting our efforts and allowing us to do what we love. We're all thankful. Don't forget about the new The Hot Sauce Club Forums everyone! Join our hot sauce community today for free!

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5 Great Hot Sauce Gifts December 16 2014

If there’s one thing better than eating hot sauce, it’s gifting it. Share the pleasure, taste and fun with your family and friends who love all that there is to love about hot sauce or introduce them to a great new experience. Either way, giving the gift of hot sauce is cost effective, enjoyable and often very different than that standard pair of socks or bottle of wine. In this post, we take you through a few of our current favorites and site best sellers.


1. Mad Dog 357 

This isn’t a toy. Mad Dog 357 is a seriously hot hot sauce and will impress that nearest and dearest hot head in your life. This number is a serious three pepper concoction including no less than the world’s hottest chili, the bhut jolokia -  a nasty little number which hails from the spice lands of the Indian subcontinent. Rolling in at a whopping 6 million Scoville Units, this bad boy is one to be reckoned with. If your lover, buddy or colleague likes to play with fire, this literally is the best hot sauce gift.

2. Palo Alto Firefighter’s XX Habanero Pepper Hot Sauce

One of the cool things about an original gift is its backstory. Palo Alto Firefighter’s XX Habanero Pepper Hot Sauce has exactly that, having originated, you guessed it, from the backyard of a local Palo Alto fire station back in 1994. Outside of the delicious irony of a fireman creating a firey hot sauce stands the charitable side to what these guys do as well. Palo Alto Firefighter’s Charitable Fund donates cash to a range of community activities and even provides college scholarships to local kids. For the fiery philanthropist in your circles, this gift is perfect.

  3. Dave's Gourmet Adjustable Heat Hot Sauce

Anyone who regularly attends the THSC website will probably have seen us bang on about how great Dave's Gourmet Adjustable Heat Hot Sauce is, and the reason for that is simple. It’s downright awesome and a cool hot sauce gift. The concept is fun, quirky and practical - decide on your desired level of spice, twist the spray pump pack and you’re away. Regardless of whether your hot sauce 'giftee' is a spicy chili head or someone taking their first steps into the wonderful land of hot sauce heaven, this number is sure to strike a chord.

4. Musashi Japanese Spicy Mayo Hot Sauce

Man we're getting too excited just writing about this stuff it’s crazy. Why? Because after hot sauce, our next favorite condiment in the whole wild world is mayonnaise. It borders on an addiction, so when the guys from Musashi Japanese Spicy Mayo got in touch we had to pinch ourselves.

Finding a gem like this is a real score and something your special spicy someone will genuinely appreciate. You get the best of creamy mayonnaise with Red Serrano peppers which allows for a moderate level of heat but nothing that will overpower the delicate creamy and sweet texture of the mayo. That lucky someone will be carrying it around in their bag to add to every meal of the day in no time.

  5. Jersey Barnfire Black Garlic Hot Sauce

Not many people understands the marvels of black garlic - it’s sweet, rich and smokey flavor, and the life that it gives to hot sauce. Jersey Barnfire Black Garlic Hot Sauce is a classic boutique number and one not that many hot sauce heads will have seen.

It boasts the normal attributes of a classic boutique hot sauce: carefully selected and locally sourced ingredients with a well charged heat. You’re sure to impress with this one on the taste alone. 


If you'd like to ask us for our recommendation personally, please feel free! We're always happy to chat -!

Welcome to the club, Jersey Barnfire Hot Sauce! November 29 2014

We would like to give a big THSC welcome to our newest member of the club, Jersey Barnfire Hot Sauce. The Jersey Barnfire Hot Sauce story began with two friends; co-founders Austin D’Almeida and John Sauchelli, when, with their love for all things hot and spicy, decided to try their hand at making hot sauce. They had no intention of selling hot sauce, but when everyone who tried it out wanted more, they brought their delicious and unique hot sauce on to the market, to be enjoyed by everyone.

What makes Jersey Barnfire Hot Sauce so special is their insistence on keeping their products as locally fuelled as possible. Their priority of using almost only local ingredients and suppliers means that not only do the farmers get the recognition they deserve for their hard work, but also those who enjoy their products know exactly where they came from. All in all, the Jersey Barnfire boys are not only great at making hot sauce-they also care about supporting and creating jobs in their communities. They get their main ingredients from local New Jersey producers: Obis One, LLC and Tranquillity Farms . Their affiliates include Black Garlic Love, Hayek’s Market, Tinga Fresh Mexican and Foodshed Alliance-to name a few.

Jersey Barnfire Hot Sauce uses fresh, local and organic ingredients to make up their two delicious hot sauces that are currently on the market.

Jersey Barnfire Original Hot Sauce.

Jersey Barnfire's Original Hot Sauce is a delicate balance between sweet and heat. It‘s made up of local and organic ingredients including peppers, sugar, onions, garlic, tomatoes and a variety of spices.  If you're a fan of the hot stuff, Jersey Barnfire's Original Hot Sauce will become a staple in your household.

Jersey Barnfire’s Black Garlic Hot Sauce.

Jersey Barnfire's Black Garlic Hot Sauce is made up of similar ingredients to the Jersey Barnfire Original Hot Sauce -peppers, onions, tomatoes, sugar, vinegar and various spices with the simple addition of black garlic. As with the Original Hot Sauce, it combines a sweet and tangy taste with its famous heat, but the introduction of black garlic gives it a little something extra. This black garlic, which differs from regular garlic with its richer and earthier flavour, makes for a smoky, rich and thick sauce.

One of the best aspects of these hot sauces is their versatility. They can be used to spice up any of your favourite meals or snacks and utilised as dipping sauces. Because of their sweet, tangy quality and thick consistency they can be used as a delicious marinade for any meat you usually like to throw on the grill - steaks, burger patties, chicken , chops, you name it!


Jersey Barnfire Original Hot Sauce and Black Garlic Hot Sauce are on sale now for $7.49.

THSC's pick of some of the best hot sauces November 29 2014

There are so many different types of hot sauce on the market that you may find yourself asking where to start. Depending on your tastes, there are countless manufacturers and distributors of hot sauce depending on your particular tastes, and exactly how much burn you can take.

Here are our pick of some the best hot sauces varying from a little zing, to eye-watering heat that will put hair on your chest.

Father and son team, Bret and Elijah Morey have recently launched this insanely hot sauce onto the market, after years of refining it. The combination of Naga Jolokia (aka the notorious Ghost Pepper) and habanero rates at over one million Scoville Heat Units. This hot sauce, however, is not just about mind-blowing heat, it also produces some amazing flavors. Ingredients include roasted garlic, lime juice, carrots and passion fruit, for a sweet flavor flavor to calm down your taste buds once the initial kick of the Ghost Pepper has cooled down.

Outer Limits Jalapeno Lime Hot Sauce

Perfect for heat lovers, but for those who are not willing to experience hot sauce that will literally take your breath away, Jalapeno Lime Hot Sauce is a perfect choice. What it lacks in extreme heat, it makes up in a delicious flavour thanks to a combination of red jalapenos and lime. Including not only lime juice but zest too, the citrus flavors and jalapeno are a delicious combo.

Mad Dog 357 Hot Sauce

This is a hot sauce that will blow your mind. Definitely not for the fainthearted, this combination of Ghost Pepper, Habanero and Peri Peri Chilli Peppers is considered one of the hottest hot sauces around. Other ingredients include garlic, onion and cayenne pepper. This sauce is so hot that warnings have been issued before you give it a try. We suggest that a little goes a long way.

Dave's Gourmet Adjustable Heat Hot Sauce

In terms of hot sauce innovation, this hot sauce has managed to scoop up loads of awards, including:


2007 Outstanding Innovation in Package Design (NASFT)

2005 Fiery Food Challenge - 1st Place Packaging

2005 Fiery Food Challenge - 1st Place Best New Product (Non-food)

2005 Top Ten Consumer Products (Datamonitor Productscan)


These awards are not surprising when you look at just how versatile it is. It comes in a specially designed container which can be adjusted according to heat, from warm to extra hot. It is perfect as a household staple, giving family members different heat options according to their heat preferences.


All Natural, All Healthy, All Awesome - PuckerButt Pepper Company Knows How to Make Hot Sauce! August 30 2014


If you love your hot sauce with some serious kick then you're going to love our latest range of products from the PuckerButt Pepper Company. 

PuckerButt Pepper Company made chilli fame in 2013 after being awarded the Guiness World Record for the hottest chilli pepper in the world. Known as Smokin' Ed's Carolina Reaper, this bad boy comes in at a whopping 1.5 million on the Scoville Scale and is recommended for the bravest of chilli-heads only!

Aside from creating face-melting chilli peppers, PuckerButt Pepper Company also make a variety of fantastic hot sauces. 

The hot sauce aficionado will notice PuckerButt Pepper Company's hot sauces have quite a thin, liquid consistency but don't take this as a bad thing - we find the PuckerButt Pepper Company's range to be subtle yet flavoursome, and their sauce is great for dishes like scrambled or poached eggs in the morning. The vinegar base used (a standard feature in most hot sauces) is actually made with rice vinegar for a more delicate infusion, meaning the habaneros are not overpowered and sit well on the front of the palate.  

And what about PuckerButt Pepper Company itself? Well something we found very interesting about Founder "Smokin' Ed" Currie is that his original interest in chilli peppers stems from a history of cancer and heart disease in his family. His research in the 1980s revealed that indigenous populations from around the world who eat spicy peppers have always enjoyed a very low incidence of such diseases, "prompting his focus on peppers as a delicious and healthy food staple."

So there you have it, delicious and healthy. Not that you needed another excuse to eat hot sauce!

You can pick up some of the PuckerButt Pepper Company sauces right here at The Hot Sauce Club from only $8.49 + shipping.

Let It Burn!

Henri & Justin


Hot Sauce of the Month Club August 30 2014

Well we're finally there. We're ready to launch The Hot Sauce of the Month Club!

It's been a long road to getting this fully underway. Those who've been with us since the beginning would remember this is why we started it all: to provide a creative solution for hot sauce addicts who want the highest quality hot sauce but often don't have the time/ability to track down the best stuff each month.

It's also been great to hear from local suppliers every week. We've been introduced to a wide array of inspiring small teams, often family and close friends who have taken their passion to the next level. Over the coming months we very much look forward to introducing you to these great people and their fantastic hot sauces.

Have a look at our catalogue to get a feel for the types of hot sauces we'll be featuring moving forward. We've put a lot of time and effort into picking the brands we list on our site and the Hot Sauce of the Month Club will be no exception.

We look forward to taking you on a spicy journey through some of the best boutique hot sauces currently available. If you'd like more information on our club, please click here.

Let it burn friends!

Henri and Justin 


What We Learnt From YOU, Our Hot Sauce Community! August 30 2014


A few weeks ago we appealed to you, our amazing hot sauce community, for ideas on how we could improve what we do across social media and on our store.

We had an overwhelming response and must thank you all once again for the great feedback you provided - in particular, our competition winners Gary Gassett, Kyle Rugg and Marcus Hender who provided particularly thoughtful comments.

So, what did we learn and what will we be implementing? Well firstly, it's obvious you're all very keen to hear about great recipes involving hot sauce. Ultimately, we'd like to take that further and put up recipes for making your own hot sauce, but one step at a time.

So this summer, expect to see a range of great hot sauce-based recipes on our store. Related to that (and as Gary Gassett mentioned), we'd also like to do a 'pairings' section - that is, what's good to eat with certain hot sauces, because a lot of you said you'd like to see something done around that too.

Some other ideas you mentioned that we're looking to implement in the long run:

- Grow Your Own (how to grow peppers and make your own sauce) [Marcus Hender]

- Roving Reporter (a correspondent who travels the world reporting on great sauces and the cultures attached to them) [Marcus Hender]

- Interviews with the 'mad scientists' blending peppers from all over the world [William Oakley]

- Hot Sauce TV [Brett Cohen - this is actually something we've been thinking about for a while too!]

- Reviews of hot sauce labels/marketing [Andrew Trentacosta]

- Comprehensive profiling of heat, flavour etc [Scott Moell]

- Creative location shots [Jim Talbot]

- Fan of the Week/Hot Sauce of the Week [Kyle Rugg]

Once again, thanks for your help and here's to skyrocketing our community onwards and upwards!

Let it Burn hot sauce fans!


Award-Winning Humboldt Hot Sauce Joins The Hot Sauce Club August 30 2014


We’re thrilled to announce The Hot Sauce Club is now stocking the multiple award-winning Humboldt Hot Sauce!

Humboldt Hot Sauce skyrocketed into hot sauce fame after cleaning up at the 2014 Scovie Awards. They won first prize in the All-Natural category for their Island Style Sauce and came runner up in the Habanero Sauce category with their Habanero-Mango Sauce.

It’s been an astoundingly quick rise to hot sauce fame for this California based team. Humboldt Hot Sauce was officially launched in 2010 by two long-time friends and hot sauce connoisseurs, Cal Ferris and Daniel Bixler. In this short space of time, they’ve managed to make a name for themselves in the hot sauce industry by producing some of the finest sauces going around.

Humboldt Hot Sauce uses fresh, locally sourced ingredients to create tasty hot sauces free of powders, preservatives and other genetically modified ingredients. The sauces could be described as Caribbean influenced: a high viscosity (ie. thick) with an emphasis on fruits and fresh flavors, coming in three different levels of heat.

The green Emerald Sauce emphasizes lime, cilantro and ginger, while the red Habanero-Mango really brings that spicy punch. The Island Style rests comfortably in the middle, and is the most traditional Caribbean-style sauce.

The defining moment in Humboldt’s short but exciting history was the 2014 Scovie Awards. For those unaware, the Scovie Awards is arguably the most prestigious hot sauce tasting competition globally. Hot sauces are blind tested by a panel of industry professionals including executive chefs, restaurant owners, culinary instructors, food critics and other industry leaders.

To win first place in the All-Natural category and second place in the Habanero category is a huge achievement and it’s a clear indication that Humboldt are establishing themselves as a leader in gourmet hot sauce production.

If you want to try some best-in-class sauce then these are a MUST. It’s now available right here at The Hot Sauce Club for only $9.89 + shipping. Enjoy!

The World's Best Hot Sauce Store & Community August 30 2014


We'd be lying if we said we didn't have big plans for The Hot Sauce Club. When we originally launched, we did so for one major reason: to make it easier for hot sauce fans around the world to source unique, award-winning spicy condiments without having to spend hours on the internet or scouring food fairs each month. 

Since launching we've noticed just how many people out there there are like us - addicts of hot sauce, deeply immersed in the world of spice and loving every moment of it. Hence, we've since decided to push this website beyond a mere store for buying great hot sauce. It's our long term goal to make The Hot Sauce Club the number one place on the internet for hot sauce lovers - a sanctuary for you to find stories, recipes, products, merchandise and more on all things hot sauce.

If you check out our About Us section, you can hear more from us on our ideas, where we've come from and why we think we're good at what we do (without trying to brag too much!). We'd love to hear your thoughts on any of these topics if you have some (just email us at Alternatively, you may have some ideas and that's great too. THSC only exists because of you - the fans - so please do get in touch. We love talking to people from all walks of life who love hot sauce. Together, let's rule the world!

Let It Burn!

Henri & Justin @ THSC

OB's Irie Pepper Sauce and Marinade is BIG on flavour! August 30 2014

Most of our stories regarding boutique producers start by mentioning the ‘husband and son team’ or ‘best friend duo’, or in this case ‘husband and wife’ partnership. Does this make us repetitive? We’d like to think it’s more a case of noticing a dominant trend with boutique sauce making – that it tends to come from small family and friend teams with a real passion for hot sauce, and OB’s Irie Pepper Sauce is no exception!

The South Carolina based couple, Sara and Sean, base their sauce making technique around Sean's family recipe from Trinidad - home of epic hot sauces, or pepper sauces as they are known there aptly named "because we use hot peppers to make a spicy sauce to add on or eat with meals" Sean tells us. The end result of this mixed sauce-making heritage is kind of like the perfect storm – a killer combination of Caribbean and Southern style spicy condiment making. We’re backing it as an award winning combination and we feel you might too.

It's full speed on freshness and flavour with this delectable number, the most valuable players being the zesty lime juice and apple vinegar coupled with a delicious combination of up to seven peppers that the OB's HQ keep under lock and key. It's definitely not a hot number so we're recommending this as a great 'gateway' sauce if you're looking to get a friend, fiancée or family member into the wonderful world of hot sauce. If it's just for you and you're normally an EXTRA HOT hot sauce kinda guy/gal, we also still recommend giving this one a go. What it might perceivably lack in heat it more than makes up for in taste.

Enjoy friends,



Sara shows us the Golden source of sauce.


'Crowdsauced' Boutique Hot Sauce Maker 'Outer Limits Hot Sauce' Now Available at THSC! August 30 2014

There’s been a buzz lately around The Hot Sauce Club’s Headquarters as we review a number of awesome boutique hot sauces for launch through our online store. Today we’re introducing you to our newest edition - Outer Limits Hot Sauce.

These guys are one to look out for and they have a great story behind them. In short, the father and son team decided they would make their hot sauce manufacturing dreams reality by raising the required capital through crowd-funding site They successfully raised over $11 000 through their campaign and the Outer Limits Hot Sauce brand was catapulted into existence. Bravo guys!

Outer Limits Hot Sauce hails from New Jersey and is the work of Ed Martin and his father. As lovers of all things spicy, these two started experimenting with their own homegrown peppers and concocting some awesome hot sauce that shortly became the obsession of family and friends. After some encouragement, they decided to take their passion to an all new level and take on the hot sauce world.

We recently received a couple of bottles at our hot sauce headquarters and have to say this stuff is pretty damn impressive. Outer Limits have two flavours at the moment, Habanero and Jalapeno Lime. Badass labels and marketing aside, the flavour of these two sauces is unique and delicious in our humble opinion.

The Habanero has a dazzling bright red colour to it, which one often comes to expect from hot sauces packing a fair amount of heat. You definitely get the burn of the habanero but it’s not overwhelming and doesn’t linger for too long. Consequently, you’re able to experience the flavour in all its glory - it’s fresh with undertones of garlic.

The Jalapeno Lime is a favourite in my hot sauce collection. It obviously doesn’t have the heat you get from the Habanero but it certainly has the flavour. You can really taste the lime like it’s just been freshly squeezed into the sauce, giving it a nice zing. The consistency is also slightly coarse, built on the great texture of red jalapenos. It’s a really refreshing and versatile sauce that you’ll find yourself carrying around with you to spice up just about anything you eat throughout the day..

Outer Limits is only producing small batches at the moment, so best to order straight away so you don’t miss out. You’ll love the all-natural ingredients, distinct taste and warm afterglow. Keep an eye on these guys because they’re on their way up in the hot sauce world!

Let it burn!


THSC Review: CaJohn's Black Mamba August 30 2014

John Hard is the man behind CaJohn's Fiery Foods and the standard chilli/hot sauce fan that you'd expect to find at the helm of a business preoccupied with all things HOT. In a somewhat ironic turn of fate, his lifelong career before embarking down the road of fiery food manufacturing was as a 'Fire Protection Engineer', which saw him make many trips to the Gulf Coast and Southwest. It was on these trips that he was exposed to, and developed, his love of hot & spicy cooking.

Fast-forward to the creation of Black Mamba and the main thing you need to know is that it's incredibly hot. Some would say devastatingly hot. CaJohn's claims this has a Scoville Unit rating of 2.5 MILLION, which, if you don't know anything about Scoville units is 1) a reason to stay away from it and 2) an indication it'll probably melt your face off. THSC has encountered die-hard HOT sauce fans and experts who claim this sauce is closer to the 1 million Scoville mark but (as you may or may not know) Scoville Units are inherently subjective and are therefore always up for interpretation. All the same, we wouldn't recommend you test it to prove big John Hard wrong because chances are he'll have the last laugh.

Think you can handle the heat? THSC is currently stocking this venomous hot sauce. God speed.

THSC Review: Dave's Adjustable Heat Hot Sauce August 30 2014

With technology changing the way we do everything from book cabs to order groceries, it should come as no surprise that our delightful hot sauce industry might also take on some changes when the right people get thinking - introducing you to Dave's Adjustable Heat Hot Sauce.

Now, the truth is, this amazing piece of condiment technology has been around since 2005, but THSC hasn't so that's why we're writing about it now. We've also noticed that not enough people have seen this ingenious idea so it's time to push it out there a bit more for the wild world to see.

One of the reasons we like this hot sauce so much is because we all know how much it sucks to be looking at your freshly cooked meal, tipping your favourite bottle of hot sauce ever so carefully to get just the right amount of sauce on just the right part of food, and then...BAM! It all comes flying out, spilling your precious supply and even drowning your favourite meal (we're all for using as much sauce as possible, but let's be honest, there's a limit, particularly with some of THSC 'Extra-Hot' numbers). 

This bottle is the solution. The innovative spray pack enables you to evenly distribute delicious spicy sauce across your food, all at a heat level of your choosing (it's as simple as turning the top and choosing anywhere between 'Warm' or 'Extra Hot'). The mechanics behind this great idea are also quite simple actually - the spray pack mixes the appropriate amount of spice from the bottle's two compartments depending on what heat level you have selected. It's just another splendid invention from those swell folks over at Dave's Speciality Foods which you may already know we're massive fans of (you can read our review of Dave's Insanity Sauce here).

Great as a gift, handbag mace (just kidding, maybe) or as the 'go to' hot sauce in your cupboard for indecisive nights. Grab a bottle here.

Enjoy amigos and let it burn!